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Domenico Salvagnin

I have a couple of wishes that IMHO could make digikam even more usable than

I have two folders in which I store images on my computer: one
is /media/Images, which is managed by the root user and on which I have only
read access. The other is in my home folder, and of course I can do what I
want there.

Now, digikam is quite annoying in this scenario for a couple of reasons:

- the choice of the library path is very "static", while I would like to
switch very fast from one directory to another. Maybe a document logic could
help here...

- I cannot switch to a library path where I don't have write access (at least
with digikam 0.7.4). I know there are some good reasons beyond this, but I
think that this is very limiting!!! There are a lot of nice digikam features,
like browsing, searching, slideshow, set as wallpaper, etc... that are
perfectly compatible with a read only library path!

I don't know whether these features would be to difficult to implement or if
they're been dealt with in the beta version of digikam, anyway this is my
wish list.


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