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Uwe Haider
Thanks a lot for your time and answers.

I think you missed my first email. I've lost a hard disk with an part of my collection. And I have moved on to NAS with the collection and the SQL-Server (mariadb). So a lot of pictures, folders an paths in the mariadb-tables don't exist any more (lost hdd). Starting digikam gives a bunch of error messages. I think, this messages break digikams start.

The speed of the network connection don't lead to error messages - or I haven't found them...

To avoid all the missing file errors can I drop the album paths in mariadb. This will leave a bunch of pictures in the tables without an album and an album root path. Will dk correct this tables? Or will I get much more errors doing so?
Looking at the comments to the Dmitri's article the configuration seems to be working. I don't think network speed is an issue nowadays. Even wifi is up to 5G now.
I would look at the missing files and try to find them in file manager manually first. Maybe there is an issue with the mount point?
Sorry  I have never done anything like that myself so I cannot be of much help.
The missing files are lost.
I would try to copy a large file e.g. a movie to/from NAS and watch how long it takes.  File_size / measured_time = your real speed

Ok, I will try this the next few days...
Stupid question: the paths Digikam searches are available? E.g. you can follow
that same path in a file manager or a konsole and actually see the files there 
with the /exact/ same path?

If you or Digikam don't have permission to read the image files, or one of the 
directories in the path, the files will be unreadable or even invisible. And 
depending on how you configure your NAS, that's fairly easy to do (or if you 
forgot to  mount the NFS directories on the client system... been there, done 

part of my albums are lost, the folders of the NAS are still available, read/write permissions for my user are set correct. read/write works, testet with vim. I just have to clean up the SQL-tables by hand I think.... Or is there a tool?

Note : I just updated the announcement page with screenshots and a
small sction about new Geolocation Bookmark Editor.

The next 5.6.0 is also postponed to 11/06/2017 to be sure to receive
enough feedback for users.


Gilles Caulier

Thanks a lot for all your work Gilles.

Uwe Haider
[hidden email]